Spring Colors Edition – Two Rivers

FNC26_tworivers6The fine folks over at Field Notes have revealed the Spring Colors edition – the Two Rivers edition. In cooperation with the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, these limited edition notebooks are each unique due to the nature of the printing process with a graph lined interior.

While I have admit, I’m still a little bummed that they didn’t do a Race Day edition (you know, a different colored notebook for each different colored flag), these are pretty cool. Maybe we’ll get a Race Day edition for the 100th Running of the Indy 500 (you’re welcome, Field Notes).

Looking forward to getting my subscription very soon!

My Writing Tool Philosophy

Before I spend a lot of time reviewing a writing tool (pen, pencil, notebook or some other instrument for writing), I wanted to take a few moments to share my thoughts on reviewing in general and how I’ll handle reviews on this blog in particular.

I’m a firm believer that we can over complicate things. I’m sure someone cares about dry time, ink compositions and so on. Frankly, I need to know one thing and one thing only – will this tool aide me in what I want to do? For me, what I want to do is record the random thoughts that are running around in my head. You may want to know about how a pencil works to sketch. Sorry, sketching is far outside of my wheelhouse.

So, when I do a review, what you will get are my thoughts on how the tool helps me get the job done of getting my thoughts down so I can deal with them however appropriate. I won’t talk about anything too scientific because I want to talk about why we use the tools.

Because as pretty as a tool is, if it won’t do the job we want it to, then it is worthless.

My Obsession

It’s sort of a joke in my house. I’ll get an email or a text from my wife saying, “Did you order something?” I usually respond with a positive and say it’s a pen, pencil or notebook. Next comes the smiley and then I will say, “But I can stop at any time.”

Or I go to the store or the mall to get something and come home with some sort of writing instrument or notebook. Next thing I know, I am saying “But I can stop at any time.”

Even when I travel, whether to a far away land or just to another town, I look to see if there is a writing or office store. I hit the gift shop at the zoo or a museum looking for a pencil or a cup. As I’m paying for my latest fix, I plead with my wife, “But I can stop at any time.”

But I can’t. I really can’t. I am addicted. Obsessed. Hopelessly so. And there is no sense hiding it any more. My name is Thomas, and I’m obsessed with pens, pencils, notebooks and coffee mugs. And this blog is so I can share it with the world.