Daily Write Up – 01/24/2016 – Link It Up

Not a lot to write today – working on the final stages of a top-secret project that I hope to announce this week. So, here are a few links to tide you over while we wait.

Owl Ink has a great write up of a Stationary Crawl through New York. Someday, yes, someday…

Gary over at Papernary announced a podcast hiatus due to the business of life. Hope to hear from you again soon, Gary!

Brad shows off what you get with a membership at the Pen Addict blog. Very interesting and I love the fact he is able to leave the corporate world to pursue his dream.

Todd over at That One Pen has a long list of all the writing tools he doesn’t like. I get it. I have a pretty long list as well.

Johnny over at Pencil Revolution talks about a new pencil or pen holder called the Bandynami Organizer. Not sure what to make of it…


Daily Write Up – 01/22/2016

I have spent a fair amount of time over the past week setting up and using my bullet journal. I will do a more formal write up on my setup, but I wanted to share a few resources I’ve ran across over the past few days …

Tiny Ray of Sunshine has a great introduction to the Bullet Journal System.

Coffee for the brain has an update on his set up for 2016.

Zealous Mom has a really solid Bullet Journal 101.

The Nib Guy talks a little bit about how he handles future events.

Lastly, sosteffso has a great list of additional resources.

I really am enjoying the process. I hope these links will help you if you are considering a bullet journal to get yourself more organized.

Daily Write Up 01/20/2016

fn28_chicago_3pk_m-460x460Earlier this week, Field Notes announced a new edition – the Chicago Edition. I like the notebooks, graph insides and the simple covers but something unique.

That said, they really don’t move the needle for me. I may pick up a pack, but I will probably wait just a bit until the Tournament of Books edition comes out and maybe pick up a pack then.

What about you? Picking one up as soon as possible or will you wait? Leave a comment below!

Daily Write Up – 01/19/2016

I have a small confession. Whenever I go into a meeting, I look at what writing tools other people use and try to identify them. It is a fun way to pass time in meetings that I might otherwise not want to be part of. Someday, I will draw a correlation between the writing tool a person uses and their personality type. Like, what does it say when a person uses a G2 – is there a personality type who uses a G2 as opposed to a Bic Crystal or  a Papermate Stic? Sounds like a fun experiment some time.

Daily Write Up – 01/18/2016

So often, we fuss over our writing tools. We need the right pen with the right paper so that the experience sings. And yet, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr wrote his famed Letters From a Birmingham Jail not in a fancy notebook with a fancy pen or pencil. According to Wikipedia, Dr. King wrote this letter that changed history in the margins of newspapers and they had to reassemble them.

I am all for a pleasant writing experience, sure, but what we cannot forget is that these are tools to accomplish a job – recording our thoughts that can change the world. I’m challenged today to do less fussing and more writing. May we all be challenged in this way.