First Impressions – Retro 51 Tornado Marlin

IMG_20160220_140954812I fully recognize that I haven’t blogged much here in February. It’s been a little crazy including my wrapping up the requirements for my ministry credentials with my denomination. After I survived my oral interview (which wasn’t too bad, they were really nice, and didn’t want to stump me, mostly…). When I got home that night, my wife shared that she had purchased a new necklace to celebrate her diet going well. I smiled and she sighed. “Yes,” she said, “You can buy a new pen to celebrate.” And who am I to argue?!

So, for the better part of a week, I shopped. And I shopped. And … I shopped. Finally, I decided that I would like my first fountain / rollerball set. I zeroed in on my first Retro 51 Tornado and went with a matching set in their Marlin Acrylic finish.


Now, this isn’t a full review as I’ve had the pen for less than 12 hours in hand, but let’s just say that I’m in love. I really like the way the pen sits in my hand. While I don’t care for the color, the Schmidt refill is smooth as butter. And the color…let’s just say, wow. I showed it to my wife and she said, “Now that is pretty.” I agree. It is just gorgeous – I don’t think the pictures do it justice.

I IMG_20160220_140936523never considered a Retro 51 Tornado before. But after this, I have a feeling I will be picking up a few more. Next up is to try and hack some of my other refills to fit the pen. But even if that doesn’t work, I really like this pen.

But what about you? Have you picked up a Tornado before? Or, what do you think of the finish of this pen? Leave a comment below!


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