Daily Write Up – 01/15/2016 – The Streak is Over

Well, I made it almost 2 weeks posting every day. Yesterday was a very crazy day. I do plan on posting something every day, but I’m going to miss. And that’s OK.

But today, I want to revisit the idea of always messing with our system, wanting the new pen or pencil, every time we hit a store we head to the office supplies or stationery aisle – the idea that we are never content. Yesterday, our friends over at Field Notes teased something new and the Field Nuts group on Facebook went, well, nuts. Why is that?

It seems that the stationery market has stumbled upon the idea of the collectable or the rare or the limited edition item. Lamy has their limited edition colors. Blackwings has their Volumes edition. And Field Notes has their Colors subscriptions and their limited editions. We see it even with ink with the Montblanc JFK or some of the Bungbox varities. Why do I need a custom edition when I’ve got more than I will ever use sitting on a shelf?

I think I’ve talked about SABLE before and frankly, I probably have enough pencils and pens alone to last a lifetime. Maybe not notebooks, but they tend to get used more frequently. Why do we get so excited over something new? Is it FOMO? I wish I knew. When you start to feel like you could open your own branch of CW Pencils or JetPens … maybe you have a problem (OK, I probably can’t, but when people walk into my office, well, they are … impressed with all my pencils. Yeah, impressed.)

Look, I enjoy the latest and greatest as much as the next guy. But, if approach our collections as tools rather than, well, collections, there comes a point where we should ask ourselves “Do I really need another hammer? Screwdriver?” Just something to consider this Friday as we head into the weekend.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some work to get done … and a new bullet journal to set up!

4 thoughts on “Daily Write Up – 01/15/2016 – The Streak is Over

  1. For me, it’s not the collectable aspect that appeals (although it’s quite easy (so far) to have one each of the Blackwing LEs, and that’s not an expensive collection either) so much as the limited edition product being appealing in its own right.

    I have a Safari in fluo yellow because I like the colour (and its aces for using as a pointer in meetings) and I genuinely prefer the Blackwing 211 to the 602 whose core it shares. The limited edition aspect will, I guess, trouble me only when I have one 211 left (I’ll keep buying singles as long as they’re available at the same price as the 602 in my local art shop, but they will run out eventually). The Safari, as long as I’m careful with it, should outlast me.

    If 602 production was changed to the nicer finish of the 211, or the 211 became a standard item in the Blackwing line, I’d buy those.


    • I totally agree. If I like something and I’ll use it, then it makes sense. But I sometimes wonder about getting things just because they are limited.


  2. It’s FOMO for sure, and it’s a wide spread sales strategy, obviously. I pretty much control it by sticking with the strategy of only buying what I’ll eventually use or give away. Of course, it doesn’t always work out like that…


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