Daily Write Up – 01/11/2016 – My Top Five Pencils

Well, it looks like Mr. Dowdy over at the Pen Addict updated his top five writing tools in a lot categories. And while I don’t know that I’m ready to list a top five in every one of his categories, I am ready to roll out my Top Five Woodcase Pencils (because, frankly, David Rees is right about mechanical ones).

5) The Musgrave Bugle – A simple and plain pencil but one that I enjoy writing with every time I pick it up. The fact that they are dirt cheap from CW Pencils is a bonus!

4) The Palomino Blackwing 602 – Truth be told, I might like the original Blackwing a little bit more, but the 602 is sweet to write with because of how it retains a point longer.

3) The Staedtler Norica – I just got a dozen of these great pencils in blue in the mail today. They are great and even better if you can catch a sale at Staples to get 36 for $5.

2) The Dong-A Fable HB – Now, this might be the hardest one for you to get ahold of (although they are available on eBay) but this Korean made pencil has it all over the Tombow Mono 100 that it is “inspired” by. And, much cheaper to boot!

1) The Palomino Golden Bear – It really is no contest. This one hits all the right notes for me. If I could only write with one pencil the rest of my life, it would be this one.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below and give me your top pencil!


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