Daily Write Up – 01/09/2016 What can you fit on an index card?

Welcome to the first real weekend of the year! I am sitting here with a cup of coffee and catching up on some reading when I stumbled across this article from NPR: Can The Best Financial Tips Fit On An Index Card?

It got me to thinking – what other types of advice can we fit on an index card? Would the best parenting advice fit on an index card? Marital advice? It seems to me that perhaps the reason our lives are so complicated is that we make them so.

There is a simplicity of the lowly index card. But the functionality does the trick. So often we talk about the benefits of the index card as being cheap, portable and disposable. But what if the benefit of the index card is that it is small, thus requiring me to be succinct and keep it simple?

Journals are like blogs and Facebook. But an index card is like Twitter (assuming they don’t increase the limit to some stupid amount). They force us to choose our words carefully and keep things simple. Yes, there are limitations and they aren’t perfect for everything. But they are good at what they do.

And maybe, just maybe, in a world filled with custom and collectable notebooks the solution is to simplify with the lowly index note card.

One thought on “Daily Write Up – 01/09/2016 What can you fit on an index card?

  1. Great analogy to Twitter. I have recently joined the Hobonichi planner fan club and although I am an avid journaler at about a A4 page a day I have enjoyed doing a short concise list of events and memories in my Hobo. Somethimes the same subjects are expanded upon in my longer journal entry and sometimes they stand alone. It’s only the 11th day of the year so I hope I can keep up with it. Great post


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