Daily Write Up – 01/07/2016

Time for another round-up of some links I’m reading. Thanks for visiting the blog and I’m hopeful to have a big announcement by the end of the weekend!

How to Beat the Winter Blues … With Color! – I know this is marketing hype for Zebra pens, but I like the idea. I’ve always preferred blue ink, but I’m starting to come around to liking some additional colors.

Baoer 388: Simple, Svelte, and only two bucks – I found a new blog that I would encourage you to check out if you enjoy fountain pens. The Chronicles of a Cheap Geezer is my kind of pen guy.

My Vintage Parker 61 Jet Flighter Fountain Pen Experience – The Clicky Post has a fun look at a vintage pen.

General’s Calendar Pencil Review – Moving to wood and graphite, here is a review of an inexpensive pencil.

Pentel Orenz 0.3 – Here is a review of a unique mechanical pencil. Even though I agree with David Rees on mechanical pencils.

Review: Gama Popular Fountain Pen – Flex – I like the pen in this review but I had forgotten all about Private Reserve American Blue. I need to try that one out!


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