Daily Write Up – 01/06/2015 Never Satisfied

Over Christmas, I picked up a Midori style notebook cover for my Field Notes. I was so excited to get one as I had wanted one for a long time. But a funny thing happened to me along the way of getting it all set up and such.

I found myself wanting another notebook. I have used it for a few weeks and am not as thrilled as I had hoped. I am tempted to go back to my disc bound set up – mainly so I can have all my notes in one place. At least that is what I am telling myself.

Am I just a person who is unhappy? Am I always looking to tweak things? Or am I going to ever find the one true system that will make me productive beyond all measure?

I think that for a lot of us in the stationery world are like those I met in the board game world. We’re never satisfied. Part of the fun of the hobby is looking for what is new and exciting. I think that is how we are wired. But I am beginning to wonder if all this just gets in the way.

What about you? If I described you in this post, would you mind taking a moment and leaving a comment below? If anything, it might be good just to know I’m not alone.

One thought on “Daily Write Up – 01/06/2015 Never Satisfied

  1. I’m a Field Notes style notebook person but my needs are simple with just to do list that never seems to end. My challenge is never being happy with the cover, or better put I always wanted another one to replace a perfectly functioning one that I really like. Variety a spice of life? Kind of like cell phone covers, I have way to many and don’t swap them out often enough to sanely justify the investment. I never tried the Midori system so I can’t speak to that specifically, all of mine have simply been aesthetics and for protection.


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