Introducing the New Blackwing 1138!

So, Palomino has this fun subscription service where you get a dozen, custom, limited-edition Blackwings quarterly. Previously they did the 725 which featured a rock guitar starburst scheme and last time they did the 211 which was an all natural finish in honor of John Muir.

This time, in honor of science fiction fans everywhere, they released the George Lucas edition, er, the 1138 edition. This is an absolutely fantastic finish, taking the classic public domain film “A Trip to the Moon” and printing it on the pencil. With the silver ferrule, it is truly a pretty pencil.

Blackwing1138WebI am eagerly awaiting my box and when I get them, I hope to make an unboxing video. As a huge Star Wars fan, who has two boys named George and Lucas, this edition is tons of fun for me. Call them what you will, but I will forever call them the George Lucas edition. And now I’m off to purchase a couple dozen more.

What do you think? Leave a comment below!


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