French Paper is nothing like French Toast

Recently, the fine folks over at Exaclair USA offered samples of some of their various products in exchange for an honest and fair review. So, although I am late on this, here is my review of two samples I recently received.

First up is the Exacopta FAF Pad paper. To be honest, I don’t know that I can properly explain the difference in the various weights of paper except to say that the more “pounds”a paper is, the thicker and usually more robust it is. That said, this paper is very light weight and extremely smooth. It was almost like writing on glass with a smoother pen and even the pencil was smooth as well.

There was no feathering that I noticed, but I did see some pretty significant bleeding with a Pilot V-Pen. Although that is a fountain pen, I confess that I was fairly disappointed that there was that amount of bleed. You can see it below in the image.


Next up, let’s look at the Clairefontaine Graf It paper. This is a much sturdier paper and I think that it would make a nice correspondence paper. I could see me purchasing some of this to use for letter writing (oh, who am I kidding, letter writing in what spare time?!).

It took anything I threw at it and there was zero bleeding. There was a little ghosting with a wetter nib fountain pen. You’ll see in my comments below that I was less than thrilled when I initially wrote on this paper. And as I got further away, I came to the conclusion that it was ok. The GraF it is a solid paper and it doesn’t have to make angels sing to be good.


Of the two samples, I would much rather receive a ream of the GraF it to use. As a pastor, I like to send out a hand written note from time to time to my congregants. This is the exact paper I have looked for to send those notes. As I always say, sometimes it’s all about finding the right tool for the job and this tool is exactly what I need for that task.

2 thoughts on “French Paper is nothing like French Toast

  1. Ah, Graf-It! Here in the UK, they’re a fairly common find in art shops & stationers (an A6 sketchpad is usually £1 or so). It’s a nice paper, with a bit less tooth than is usual in sketching paper, but still a little bit there. It stands up ok to light washes of watercolour or ink too, ime.

    My only gripe is that the dot sketchpads in the Graf-It range only go down to A5 size – so I make my own A6 notebooks from that paper. There’s a full range of plain paper though, down to a cute little A7 pad that I carry when I’ve no space for anything else.

    I’ve not tried the Exacompta, but Triomphe is, I think, the premium correspondence paper in the range. As I recall, it’s smooth, and, not so much friendly to fountain pens as downright familiar 🙂 I prefer G. Lalo’s Velin de France, personally, but I don’t mind Triomphe at all.


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