My love of the Clicky Pen

bic-clic-lpI remember as a kid climbing up into my dad’s lap and playing with two things he kept in his pocket. As a mechanic, he always kept a tire gauge an a bic pen in his pocket. It was this familiarity with the pen that led me to carry one all through high school. In fact, I remember many a morning that involved a stop at the grocery store and my check out involved a can of Mountain Dew, two powered sugar donuts and one of these pens for school (hey, don’t judge me – I was a high schooler and nutrition wasn’t high on my list of things to worry about).

As I continued to use pens, I discovered liquid ink pens, gel pens and even moved on to fountain pens eventually, all with caps or clicks. But for the most part, when it came to a carry pen, I kept going back to the click style, whether they were liquid ink or gel (ball points fall way down on my list anymore – sure, call me a snob). There is something that is satisfying about pulling out a pen, getting it ready with a satisfying “click”, make my note and then click it closed and get on with my day. They worked well as I managed a small retail store and then worked in a technical support call center (yes, I have done a little bit of everything) for jotting that quick note to make sure I didn’t forget anything.

category180Even with my preference to a good pencil as of late, my preferred EDC tool is a Pilot Precise V5 rt.  It is a great pen that is easy to use one handed as I make a quick note in my Field Notes. I am also known to carry a Uni-ball Signo 207, and in a pinch I’ll use the ubiquitous Pilot G2, but despite what some say, it’s just ok. It is this fact, and only this fact, that makes the pen my preferred EDC tool and not a Bullet Pencil (although it was close and I post a runner up post soon on the bullet pencil).

So, when I got my Field Notes color subscription for the first time and there was a classic Bic Clic pen in there it took me back. And reminded me, sometimes we need to use different tools for different jobs. I have yet to find the perfect tool for every situation. But this tool works for the job I need it to.

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