My Relationship With Fountain Pens

While I had always enjoyed a good pen or pencil, my journey down the rabbit hole began with a quest. You see, I began a search for a Daytimer (or Franklin Covey or Day Planner – take your pick) calendar for the following year. Not a big deal, right? Well, it is when it is February. Imagine trying to find a printed calendar for 2016 today. Probably not going to happen.

That led me to the internet and a search. That search opened the door new and exciting things like the Hipster PDA and the website And, I began to hear about a resurgence in the fountain pen. I filed that away and didn’t think much else about it.

Fast forward to the very trip that I wanted the future calendar to document (if that all makes sense). At MouseGear in Epcot at Walt Disney World, I found on the clearance rack of all things, a brown Mickey embossed fountain pen. I grabbed it and when I got home, I put the cartridge in the pen and … nothing happened.

If you have any experience with fountain pens, you know that I probably had a bum cartridge. I labored to make it work and finally it ran out. I went to Office Depot to find a cartridge. Being ignorant, I grabbed a Cross cartridge which wouldn’t fit, but I did get some decent ink and it made me want to work towards figuring it out.

Well, the next thing I knew, a Google search led me to Fountain Pen Network. And I tumbled down the rabbit hole. I was constantly finding new pens, experimenting with new notebooks and paper and … then it happened.

I just gave up. The complaints about Fountain Pens were true to an extent. They are fussy – you need the right ink with the right paper and the right pen. And this somewhat frustrates the process of why we write. Sure, sure, I hear you. But when I write, I just want it to work on the widest area as possible.

So, what is my relationship with fountain pens? Well, to quote Facebook, “It’s complicated”. Yes, I love fountain pens for the artistry and the beauty of a well made fountain pen. Yes, when it is right, boy it is fun. But getting there, well, that is what makes it difficult. There is something about grabbing a good gel pen that writes well, click the plunger and start writing.

But, I am still in a relationship. A relationship I expect to continue to write about on this blog. And one I don’t see ending anytime soon.

3 thoughts on “My Relationship With Fountain Pens

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